Mortgage Monday - Diversity

“Commitment to gender diversity hasn’t translated into meaningful progress”

There is a lot of discussion about increased women’s roles in a variety of organizations.  The volume of that discourse tells me we should be having this conversation in the real estate finance industry.

Marcia Davies, Chief Operating Officer of the Mortgage Bankers Association, is actively involved in bringing more gender diversity to the mortgage industry.  In the comprehensive national study of “Women in The Workplace” Davies confirmed that companies’ stated commitment to gender diversity hasn’t translated into meaningful progress.

Women, especially women of color, continue to be underrepresented at every level, and particularly in senior leadership. It is going to take a mindful, focused, and purposeful approach at all levels, but especially from leadership.

The different perspectives and experience they gain from inclusion of diversity offer top leadership a window into connecting with more consumers, coworkers, and others we serve.  Having diverse voices around the table provides an organization with ideas and insights leadership might not have previously considered.  That thought process creates a dynamic that makes organizations accomplish more than they ever set out to achieve.

Rather than being unsure or even frightened by adding diversity to discussions, we must learn to think on a higher plane and engage more conversations to enhance our mission of assisting qualified individuals and families in realizing the American Dream of home ownership.

-Kent Carter, 1st Capital Mortgage