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A couple of weeks ago I GOT to attend a memorial service for Glenn Nemecek.  Glenn was 89 years old when he died following years of struggles with his health.  Why is Glenn my first Community Hero?

Glenn and I attended church together for almost forty years.  He always greeted me with a smile and an encouraging word.  His quiet personality belied his passion for the important things in his life:  his faith, his family, O.U. athletics, and volunteering.

Glenn was a retired accountant who was cautious before he spoke, unless an O.U. athlete made a great play. Then his enthusiasm overcame his guarded ways.  His knowledge of the details of women’s basketball and softball kept those lucky enough to sit near him entertained and educated.

Once I was seated in the sanctuary for Glenn’s memorial service someone near me commented that the casket was a very unusual color.  I grinned and said, “Yes.  Crimson to honor his love of the Sooners.”  They acknowledged that made a lot of sense.

Glenn loved to volunteer his time for good causes.  He once received the “Volunteer of the Year” award from the Pioneer Library System. Devoting his time to various causes and events blessed the lives of many who enjoyed his eagerness to serve others.

I will miss witnessing how Glenn taught me to serve with a passion few possess.  I will remember my friend and look forward to joining him in celebration beyond the river.  Glenn Nemecek – my first Community Hero.